The City Speaks Exhibition will be opening in cities across Europe in 2012 and 2013.

Tell us about your experience of the city and share your ideas for how you would make your city better.
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Cities have brought together some of the world’s greatest thinkers and provided fertile ground for progressive thought, becoming the stage for some of the world’s biggest political, economic and social events. The city is also a place of conflict and challenge, where differences become stark in their proximity.

Yet these diverse influences have also resulted in the sharing of knowledge, the exploration of new ideas, and brilliant innovation and creativity. The imprints of such inspiration – captured through art and creative expression in many forms including architecture, film, music, literature, and theatre – are left by a variety of times, cultures, geographical areas, and faiths.

This exhibition - a partnership between Maslaha and the British Council’s Our Shared Europe project - explores how individuals and communities have been inspired by cities and how they, in turn, changed the spaces in which they have lived through different forms of creative expression.

'The City Speaks' will be opening in several European cities in 2012. Watch the trailer by clicking on the picture below, and read excerpts from the exhibition here.

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